Race Day 2018

The UVARC team is overwhelmed with how well our very first AU-mazing Race went. Our amazing participants helped us raise $3,230.10!! WOW!!

Nine teams set out from Connell Park in Woodstock the morning of August 18th.


Challenge #1 – 2 Strikes and You’re out!

The first Pit Stop Was Woodstock Bowlacade! Teams had to get 2 strikes to complete this challenge (we did put a time cap on this challenge).

Challenge #2 – Capture the Flag!

The Teams then headed off to Hartland were they had to cross the World’s Longest Covered Bridge to retrieve a flag and return it to the race marshal.

Challenge #3 – Pedal to the Metal!

The next Pit Stop was Hunter Brother Farms in Florenceville-Bristol. One team member had to complete 2 laps around the track on the pedal karts!


Challenge #4 – Alfa Sierra Delta

Teams made their way the the Centreville Memorial Park. At this pit stop they had to search among the army tanks to army men containing letters beneath them to spell “ASD”. Then they had to search the memorial for the correct number of Donald’s before they could move on.


Challenge #5 – Holy Smokes!

The 5th Pit Stop was the Perth-Andover Fire Department. One team member dressed in        firefighting gear and put out a fire using the simulator. Then they had to get a team picture with one of the fire trucks!

Challenge #6 – Lake Roulston

Teams moved on to Plaster Rock where they got their picture taken with the World’s Largest Fiddleheads and made their way around Lake Roulston.

Challenge #7 – Fore!!

Grand Falls Golf Course was the final pit stop of the race. One member had to hit 10 golf balls passed 100 yards before they headed to the finish line!


The rainy start to our race didn’t have any effect on our good sports in this race. They all were happy with the race as a whole, some suggestions were given while we had the chance to talk waiting for all 9 teams to cross the finish line.

Local Restaurants sponsored our end of race pizza party by donating 2 party pizza’s or garlic

fingers each. Pizza Delight, Pizza Boy, Greco…Thank you for fueling up the racer’s at the finish!

We would also like to thank our amazing sponsors for all the prizes we gave out, for letting us do challenges at your facility and making this event possible.