Autism Speaks

Autism Awareness Tree

Autism Awareness is GROWING….

You can help support Autism Awareness by buying a puzzle piece to add to our very own Awareness Tree at UVARC

Pieces are so inexpensive at $1 each so you can buy one for each family member 🙂

We can add the individual’s name that has ASD to a puzzle piece if you know someone special that would love to be apart of our Autism Awareness Tree!

We still have lots of room to fill out this tree.


2nd Annual Autism Awareness Walk Coming Up…

To support our annual fundraiser pledge sheets can be picked up at the centre or printed from this link below.

walk pledge sheet 2018 (1)

Money and pledge sheets can be brought in during registration for the walk.  There will be hot chocolate, coffee, and snacks at the centre for after the walk.

Please come out to support your family, friends, students, and community affected by autism spectrum disorder.