Race Rules

  1. You are expected to abide by the law and drive according to the speed limits in each area.
  2. You are responsible for providing your own vehicle and gas.
  3. All challenges must be completed in the order given.
  4. All team members must participate in group challenges.
  5. A sole team member cannot complete ALL individual challenges. Each team member should complete at least one individual challenge. There may not enough individual challenges for each team member; it’s dependent on the number of individuals on your team.
    •  If there are 3 individual challenges and you are a team of two; each team member must complete one challenge each and either member may complete the last task.
    • If you are a team of 3; each team member must complete one  challenge.
    • If you are a team of 4+; a different team member must complete each of the challenges, while the remaining members will not do an individual  challenge.
  6. You are responsible to have the race marshal at each stop initial that you have completed the challenge before leaving.
  7. You are responsible for obtaining a puzzle piece from the race marshal at each stop. You will require all puzzle pieces for the final challenge. Should you be missing a puzzle piece, you cannot complete the final task and therefore will be disqualified. DO NOT LOSE THE PUZZLE PIECES.

Remember that this is a fun event for us to come together for a great cause. Please try to be encouraging and show good sportsmanship.