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Child-directed play! Our own Pop-Up Playground, summer 2018




Our last Pop-Up Playground was held yesterday in Woodstock, we set up in 9 different Communities this summer to offer a child-directed play opportunity for our local children to experience. Thank you to everyone that came out to play with us, follow us from one community to the next and to those who helped support this event this summer by donating the boxes, tubes & materials to help us make this a success. Another dream off my personal bucket list was to be able to offer this type of playground to everyone…inclusive, child-directed PLAY! <3

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Adults with Autism Meeting, lack of services in New Brunswick

YOU Are Invited
“It Takes a Village to Support Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder”
August 18 1:00 – 3:30 THE VILLE Cooperative
241 Canada Street, Fredericton (North)

Autism Advocacy New Brunswick is pleased to announce we will be hosting a meeting concerning the lack of Autism Adult Care Services in the Province of New Brunswick. This will be held on Saturday, August 18th from 1:30-3:30pm at The Ville Cooperative, 241 Canada St, Fredericton (Marysville), NB.
We are extending an invitation to parents, self-advocates, and families, as well as persons who have a strong interest in supporting adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder. We are also sending an invitation to Premier Gallant, Opposition Leader Blaine Higgs, Ministers and elected members of the New Brunswick Legislative Assembly. Candidates from all parties are welcome to attend.
We have three guest speakers and they will be speaking on the following topics:
1. Harold Doherty, is a father of an adult son with Autism, and a long- time Autism advocate who is currently practicing law in Fredericton. He will speak on the history of Autism services in the Province of New Brunswick, and will illustrate the advancements that have been made in the past 15 years. Harold will also speak about the current lack of services for adults who have Autism Spectrum Disorder. His talk will address issues in regards to adults who have high needs, with limited to zero communications, who are intellectually challenged, and may have an existing co-morbid condition such as a seizure disorder. He will talk about the challenges that he and his family face with his own son on a daily basis. He will also emphasize the importance of being a unified voice if changes are to be made in this province. Parents, self-advocates and the community must be united, and become the voice for the adult population.
2. Lila Barry is a mother of an adult son who has Autism Spectrum Disorder. Lil​a is a former president of Autism Society New Brunswick, and a retired Executive Director of Autism Resources Miramichi. The scope of her career covers a span of 42 years, working in the field with persons with special needs. Currently, she volunteers at Autism Resources Miramichi, and her volunteer work encompasses advocacy within the Province of New Brunswick. A typical example is preparing for today’s event. She is a behind the scene girl, and is passionate in supporting persons with ASD. Lila will speak on her experiences raising, and working with children and adults who live with Asperger’s Syndrome or HFA.
3. Dr. Paul MacDonnell is a retired psychologist who specializes in Autism Spectrum Disorder. As a Professor Emeritus in Psychology at the University of New Brunswick, he has distinguished himself in his career. He has received international recognition for his research, and has been viewed as a model for others in the field. In 2004 the government of the day funded a province–wide Autism Intervention Training program, for preschool-aged children. The lead consultant was Dr. Paul MacDonnell. Years later, he was also the lead consultant when funding was made available to train Educational Assistants and Methods and Resource Teachers within the Department of Education. In 2015 Dr. Paul MacDonnell submitted a proposal on Adult Autism Care Services to the Province of New Brunswick. This proposal is called, “It Takes a Village to Support Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder.” In simple terms, it is a comprehensive document that addresses all the needs of the adult population. Dr. Paul MacDonnell will be giving an overview of the proposal. It encompasses the needs of the full spectrum, including the needs of severely affected adults living with Autism, all the way to the adults who are living with Asperger’s Syndrome or High-Functioning Autism. The needs vary on the spectrum so it’s important to recognize that not all persons have the same needs and challenges.

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Pop-Up Playgrounds

We have had 2 successful Pop-Up Playgrounds, one in Perth-Andover and the other in Florenceville-Bristol…

UVARC has been busy gathering up supplies from local businesses to have enough items available to help the children create a variety of things with the re-cycled materials. These weekly events are coming to a community near you! Keep a watch to see where we are headed next and bring the kids

out to use their imaginations and create with cardboard! Tomorrow we are setting up at Tobique First Nations…youth center!