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No more meal-time meltdowns!!

Is your little one a picky eater? Are they texture sensitive when it comes to eating curtain foods?

Here are some tips and tricks to try.

Change it up:

To help your child out, try preparing and presenting the foods they struggle with in a different way. If mashed potatoes make your kid cringe, try baked potatoes with their favorite topping or slicing them up and frying them in a pan. 

Adjust temperature:

Too hot? Too cold? Major problem. At least for these kids. Something as simple as the temperature being off can ruin a meal for them.

Casual table time:

Sitting down to an activity that’s uncomfortable is stressful enough without adding the pressures of a formal setting. Snacks, games and laughter can help diffuse the stress and help your child better connect to the family and the situation.

Change the venue:

Eating outside provides them with the sensory input they need and gives them a chance to play and eat at the same time. And sometimes eating in a new or different place removes the stress and negative emotions they may have built up toward your own dinner table.

Strengthen muscle tone:

I don’t know how many times I’ve heard the phrase “but it’s too hard” come out of my picky one’s mouth while trying to encourage him to eat. Eating can seem as daunting as climbing a mountain if your child’s muscles aren’t strong enough to eat their food without tiring.

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MEAL-TIME MELTDOWNS: How to Avoid Sensory Meltdowns during Meal-time





Having trouble sleeping?? try some of these great tips and tricks.

For kids who have trouble sleeping, sensory techniques designed to calm and organize the body can be helpful.

Deep Pressure

One of the first things new parents learn at the hospital is how to swaddle their little bundle of joy because snugly wrapping a baby in a blanket provides calming tactile and proprioceptive input all over the body, making the child feel secure and safe.

What to do:

-Use heavy blankets or quilts at night or try a weighted blanket
-Try a bedding set from Beddy’s. These sets are like a fitted sheet, a comforter, and a sleeping bag all rolled into one. Perfect for kids who are particular about their sheets and blankets being straight and smooth and even more amazing for kids who need a little bit of firm pressure to calm their bodies.
-Play a game of “Kiddo Burrito” before bed, rolling your kiddo up tight for a few minutes in a blanket
-Provide firm all-over pressure by hugging your little one on your lap while reading before bed
-Give firm squishes to the body with a bean bag chair or pillow
-Try a few minutes in a cocoon swing or a beanbag chair


Show us a new mother and we’ll show you someone who has mastered the art of doing just about anything using only one hand, because babies LOVE to be held. Why? Being in someone’s arms provides tons of positive sensory benefits, including the relaxing effect of body heat.

What to do:

-Place a warm rice pillow in bed or try a Cozy Plush microwaveable stuffed animal
-Pop blankets or comforters in the dryer for a few minutes before bed
-Zipping up inside a bedding set from Beddy’s is perfect for keeping little bodies cozy and warm!

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Autism Speaks

Visit to Dragonfly Autism Centre

Our Executive Director Cathy visited Dragonfly Centre for Autism Incorporated in St. Andrews on Friday and had a wonderful time! Thank you Dragonfly Centre for the opportunity and the warm welcome.

Here are some pictures and a write up from the Centre!

“Cathy came down to observe our summer camp and very kindly gave us a presentation on one of her many talents, making violins! She spoke of the wood and the process of making it while letting our campers handle the wood and the pieces of a work in progress. We are very grateful for her visit and we really loved seeing her, her son, and enjoyed her wonderful presentation! I just added a photo of one of her finished ‘fiddles’, such a wonderful instrument, so beautiful!”

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